You put in long hours, rushing from one task to the next. You spend long periods away from home. The fun and excitement of your first years on the job has vanished. It’s becoming harder to motivate yourself. What remains are grueling schedules and no time to maintain a decent social life. The need to be constantly „on“ takes it’s toll.

You feel drained of energy and interest, you experience fatigue, lethargy and aches and pains and more frequent colds. Breaks in your relentless schedule are never long enough to recharge your batteries. You begin to dread going to work. The pressure to hit the road running is mounting. You ask yourself wether this is the right career for you and wether your work is actually making a difference. You begin to muse about your career plans. You feel something got to give.

At this point Burnout Coaching can help you to re-consider your priorities, your values, your ambitions, your working style and needs. Burnout Coaching will support you in regaining a healthy work-life integration and to recalibrate your career. Burnout Coaching will help you to find a way to work more efficiently and to take control over the work process.

Burnout Coaching focuses on:

  • redefining success
  • learning to set boundaries
  • developing self-care habits
  • finding out what is really important to you
  • pushing back on meaningless work
  • meeting your own needs
  • being succesful without burning out
  • aligning how you live and work to your values
  • making lifestyle changes that support your vitality
  • achieving clarity on where you want to go
  • charting a realistic path to achieving it
  • supporting you to take action consistent with your goals