Women Leadership Coaching is dedicated to helping emerging women leaders advance into leadership positions. Women Leadership Coaching supports women to be successful at work by equipping them with the skills, attitudes and confidence to make it to the top.

Clearly, gender issues are decisive factors that no future-oriented enterprise can afford to ignore

There are certain behaviors that will accelerate your career. Women Leadership Coaching maximizes the chances of success in your profession. There is a common set of hurdles to be overcome by women wanting to advance their careers—especially in industries often considered a man’s world, such as finance and technology. Women Leadership Coaching supports emerging women leaders to develop the skills necessary to move ahead.

Women Leadership Coaching helps qualified and engaged women to gain clarity on how their skills and unique talent can contribute to their company’s success. Women Leadership Coaching provides them with the tools necessary to take ownership of their career advancement.

Building Self-Confidence

A lack of confidence is an obstacle for many objectively successful women. As a consequence these women appear to be less capable of the next step up. Often, women who lack self-confidence do not put themselves forward for opportunities because they are excessively self-critical. This slows down their own career progression. Others are less likely to see them as high potential and so they miss crucial opportunities.

Women Leadership Coaching builds your self-confidence by :

  • challenging and discarding stifling beliefs and self-limiting gender stereotypes
  • focusing your own professional ambitions and gaining a clear picture of your strengths and accomplishments
  • increasing your visibility

Proactive Career Management

What holds many women back in managing their careers is a lack of support networks, a lack of access to finance and a lack of organizational initiatives. It is quite common that women work hard and do their best, but just as often, they are unsure of their ambition. They may need to confront assumptions that hold them back from developing a clear image of what they really want from their career. Women Leadership Coaching helps you to manage your career by:

  • taking a longer term view of your career
  • encouraging you to put yourself forward for experiences that will ensure your advancement
  • prioritizing thinking about strategic issues and communicating your strategic intelligence

Authentic Leadership Style

Many leadership approaches are based on male models. Women may find these hard to identify with without feeling inauthentic. In typically male-oriented work environments they may find it difficult to be heard. Aiming to make their mark in an organization, women may feel they have to abandon their behavioral preferences and communication styles for more accepted male patterns which make them feel inauthentic. Consequently, they may not come across as effectively as they could. Women Leadership Coaching helps you to develop your own unique leadership style by:

  • clarifying your values and purpose
  • supporting self-expression with confidence
  • defining your personal brand

Playing the game

Many Women focus on working hard and feel frustrated when they don’t get the recognition they deserve. Women often experience significant pressure because of the double burden of responsibility for family and work, and as a consequence have less time for networking. This can hold their career back. Women Leadership Coaching helps you to play the game by:

  • finding an authentic way of engaging others and partnering with others
  • developing your own way of making an impact
  • Focusing on investing in and growing your networks and building strategic alliances