Do you feel burdened by what feels like unmanageable
complexity, time pressure and overwhelming responsibility?

Have you become reactive? With all of the firefighting there just never seems to be a moment to think comprehensively and with greater discernment? Do you hardly find time for people management?  Are you making decisions without someone to share your thoughts on how to do it?

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to deal with people’s emotions, to manage conflict and to motivate employees?

Assuming leadership responsibilities is often accompanied by feelings of isolation

Organizational realities often make it difficult to have a confidant – especially when concerns about competition, leakage of information, lack of sensitivity and general mistrust prevent you from openly discussing personal or organizational dilemmas. As Coach I provide a completely confidential space where you can open up.

As a leader in your organization you may have reached a critical juncture and you feel the need to get support and fresh impulses from a neutral party. This is exactly what I can provide. Don’t hestitate to contact me. Call me to schedule an initial consultation: +49 157 300 20 315