Face-to-Face Coaching in my office

I recommend meeting in my office, as it is often experienced as helpful to have some physical distance to your regular work environment. This facilitates the internal distance necessary to be open to new ways of thinking and new modes of perception.



If you are indispensable due to your professional obligations, E-Coaching can be the right choice for you. E-Coaching saves on travel expenses and time so you and your company can reduce costs. Particularly beneficial for longer missions and operations abroad, online coaching offers the opportunity to keep in touch across borders and continents to ensure the continuity in our collaboration.

Walk & Talk

Instead of meeting in my office, sessions are conducted outdoors while walking. The simple act of walking while talking creates an environment of possibility and change. This innovative, dynamic, and highly successful method allows us to achieve your goals faster. We will walk across the government district, the Tiergarten or along the Spree.